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Scope and Fees


The points covered in reports can be found here.


However you get to hear about me, you can rest assured of my integrity. I work to the codes of practice of the YDSA, IIMS, RINA and BMSE.



I aim to provide clients with excellent value for money including competitive fees meticulous inspections and high quality reports as a happy client gives me the greatest reward: job satisfaction.


Some surveyors spend minimal time on the job. I provide better value for money and aim to be the most thorough and careful. For a yavht of more than 30 feet, I always allocate at least two days for the inspection. A 50' yacht will take me three days to inspect. I sepnt five days inspecting the Prout I surveyed in Northern Italy in 2018 as well as two engines  it had a significant amount of equipment and multi-hulls have more hull surface than a mono-hull.  


My surveys usually save the client more than the fee.


Check with me for a competitive price for your survey. A minimum charge applies to smaller vessels and a number of factors can mean higher fees including size and hull material, but whatever the fee, I can assure you of excellent value.


All surveys include a written report unless you only need a partial survey with an appropriately lower fee. I can discuss your needs and tailor the work accordingly.


There is no VAT and no charge for travel costs between East Susex and Southampton or between Exeter and Falmouth.


Please have a look at a sample report.

Survey Najad yacht Hamble Point Marina Najad 390 loaded for transport
Survey of aluminium yacht Allure 44 Isle of Wight - Aluminium and GRP
Survey on Oyster 55 Oyster 55, Brighton Marina
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