Rigging surveys

When was your rigging last replaced or surveyed?

We use an electronic rig tester especially designed to find rigging components that are starting to fail (we also use it to check keel bolts). It measures resistance (by measuring a voltage drop between different points) using very sensitive technology and can detect defects that are not visible, such as cracked terminals and rigging wire that is either coming out of the terminal or was not in properly when swaged.


The rigging survey includes inpsection of all standing rigging and terminals unless the mast is stepped, in which case it is only possible to inspect up to head height, spars including spreaders, rigging attachment points, chain plates and their attachment to the hull or bullkheads.


Below are some of the defects we have found recently.


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Cracked shroud chain plate (securing both shrouds on one side)
A couple of cracked rigging terminals.
Cotter ring almost out of pin on spreader root and below (bottom left) is another.
Halyard restraint keeps the halyard at a good angle to forestay preventing the furler swivel and forestay from turning together. Also no forestay can be seen protruding above the furling system. BUT NOTE - The machine screw at the top is almost out.
Survey Najad yacht Hamble Point Marina Najad 390 loaded for transport
Survey of aluminium yacht Allure 44 Isle of Wight - Aluminium and GRP
Survey on Oyster 55 Oyster 55, Brighton Marina
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