Osmosis, hull or partial surveys

Osmosis  Do you have recent information on the moisture content and structural integrity of your boat's deck and hull?


Compass Marine Yacht Surveys carries out regular checks of moisture levels and moisture-related defects. FRP/GRP hulls are suseptible to blistering because they are not completely impermeable to water and this water together with chemicals in the laminate can decompose the resin creating blisters. Boats in fresh water and warm water are especially susceptible. Where the quality of the original layup is not as good as usual eg it may include air gaps in the glass mat rather than being fully saturated with resin  wicking and blistering can develop in relatively young boats.


Many decks are made with a balsa wood or foam core. Deck fittings often leak and make the core wet with a high risk of serious damage developing.A wet core can be much more serious for a boat than osmosis which some view as cosmoetic unless very advanced.


Our moisture surveys assess the condition of the core(although this is often quite difficult without core samples) as well as the development of wicking or osmotic problems.


We use two different types of moisture meter (one of which can detect moisture deeper in the hull) to ensure we get as much information as possible about what is going on inside the hull.


Hull Compass Marine Yacht Surveys also provides surveys of just the hull's structural condition, perhaps after a collision or grounding. Very often a grounding can lead to serious damage to the hull both to the fore and aft of the keel as well as the internal structure.


Partial surveys can be adapted to each client's particular needs or concerns and we will be happy to discuss these with you .


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Survey Najad yacht Hamble Point Marina Najad 390 loaded for transport
Survey of aluminium yacht Allure 44 Isle of Wight - Aluminium and GRP
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