Ultrasound thickness surveys
Ultrasound thickness surveys

Ultrasound thickness surveys

We carry out ultrasound thickness measurements either as a routine part of surveying a steel or aluminium hull or as a standalone exercise.


We use a Tritex 5700 data-logging multiple-echo guage (with the same abilities as the 5600) which is excellent at reading through coatings. It even has a facility for extra thick coatings. 


Here is the guage measuring a 15mm test block through six credit card type cards each 0.8mm thick and it is not on the setting for extra-thick coatings. 



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Survey Najad yacht Hamble Point Marina Najad 390 loaded for transport
Survey of aluminium yacht Allure 44 Isle of Wight - Aluminium and GRP
Survey on Oyster 55 Oyster 55, Brighton Marina
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